Honduras Project

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In March of 2014, I traveled to the "City of Refuge" near Comayagua, Honduras to document the works of Tom Stamman and his missions organization - Impact Ministries International.  The photos and videos featured on this website are the outcome of a nine day trip to the country.

Amidst poverty and starvation, 100,000 orphans suffer each day on the streets or in the garbage dumps, begging for food and squatting wherever they can find shelter.  Many of the kids' parents aren't financially stable enough to raise and nurture their children - some of the kids are forced to find work, or are sold into prostitution. 

The City of Refuge is a project Tom and Teresa Stamman have devoted their lives to.  The couple directs all their time and money towards building safe, reliable facilities to house some of the 100,000 orphans living in Honduras.  Future plans call for the City of Refuge to be 100% self-sustainable as a God-centered village for people to work and live.  For more information about IMI's efforts not only in Honduras, but around the world - click below.






Impact Ministries International website: http://tstamman.com/