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My stunning friend McKenna visited from Minneapolis this weekend. 

Here's what we did.


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  IMG_1405IMG_1405 IMG_1547-2IMG_1547-2 IMG_1628-EditIMG_1628-Edit IMG_1424IMG_1424 IMG_1662IMG_1662 IMG_1537IMG_1537


IMG_1618IMG_1618 IMG_1653IMG_1653 IMG_1330IMG_1330

IMG_1585-Edit-2IMG_1585-Edit-2 IMG_1594IMG_1594

IMG_1482IMG_1482 IMG_1562IMG_1562 IMG_1658-2IMG_1658-2 IMG_1503IMG_1503

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Light Club Group Shoot // Cedar Rapids, IA https://www.taylenanderson.com/blog/2016/2/light-club-group-shoot I'm a member of a local group of photographers and models called Light Club. 

We got together as a group in January to create some images.  Here are some of my favorites from the day!

Models: Rachel Sullivan, Molli Wise, Chrissy Fahlgren, Brittani Arneson


IMG_0327IMG_0327 IMG_0345IMG_0345

IMG_0180IMG_0180 LC1LC1 IMG_0257IMG_0257 IMG_0290IMG_0290 IMG_9928IMG_9928 IMG_0409IMG_0409

IMG_0081IMG_0081 IMG_0142IMG_0142

IMG_0370IMG_0370 LC2LC2

IMG_0044IMG_0044 IMG_0186IMG_0186





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LIZ + FIA // Iowa City, IA https://www.taylenanderson.com/blog/2016/1/liz-fia LIZ + FIA

I had an amazing shoot with two of my stunning friends! They were champs for bearing the 35 degree weather.  We might have trespassed once or twice.. but hey, anything for art. 


Some of my favorites from the set.







IMG_8933IMG_8933 IMG_9129IMG_9129 LizFia1LizFia1 IMG_9046IMG_9046 IMG_9096IMG_9096 IMG_9081IMG_9081 LizFia3LizFia3 IMG_9190IMG_9190 IMG_9148IMG_9148

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