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I’m a 20-year-old photographer and filmmaker from Toledo, Iowa.  I’m currently studying Cinema, Journalism and Entrepreneurial Management at the University of Iowa.

I specialize in lifestyle, documentary, and contemporary photography.  I love my job and everything that comes with it. I love the people I meet, the places I travel, and the raw, spontaneous reality of everyday life.

I’m curious.  I love seeking the light within the shadows.  Revealing the uncommon amongst the common, and exploring the concepts of beauty and emotion.

I use photography not only as a way to document the world around me, but also as a means of self-expression.  My art helps me identify with the hidden qualities of my character, and appreciate the fleeting beauty of life’s finite moments.

You know that feeling you get in your chest when you think about someone or something you love?  That’s the feeling I get each time my finger presses the button, and I hear the satisfying *click* of the shutter being released.  I yearn for my viewers to feel the same way each time they look at my photographs.

I’d love to get to know you and your story!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me through this website, or through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Facebook: http://facebook.com/TaylenAndersonPhotography

Twitter: @Tayleno

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